Orchids’ of Colombia

This Project was first imagined in 2009 and approved in 2017 for the Saisons croisées “France-Colombie” together with the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (MNHN) and the support of the banco Davivienda and the Asociación Bogotana de Orquideología (ABO). It has been featured in France and other venues in the Americas. Being an itinerant project, it continues to evolve. For all the informations on this project, visit the website : www.humboldt-bonpland.eu

Claudia Isabel Navas, together with the Scientific Committee, imagined this project which includes: un itinerant exposition, an interactive site.  The Creative Team participated at all the levels of the Project., She, also, directed the scenography and the publication of the Poetry book “L’’Herbier Poétique” which compiles textes of scientific Authors such as Jean-Marc Drouin, Jean-Paul Duviols, Denis Larpin et Marpha Télépova.. 

The photographies are of Mario Alberto Pedraza© Association Enlaces Artísticos 

Discover the interactive map of the Orchids' of Colombia here

Please visit her academic page for further papers: